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Carbox Boot Liners and Mats

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The Carbox is the original high sided car boot liner, our liners are tailor made to give an exact fit.

It is the best protection for Business, Sports and the Family!
Wherever there is anything to be transported, the original Carbox is your perfect protection for the car's boot area. Dogs, Horses, Gardening Refuse - All that dirt is guaranteed to stay in the Carbox and not in your car!

Carbox is our patent and we are the leading manufacturer. Made of a strong, flexible plastic together with a perfect fit for your car with little loss of space.

Car Boot Liners for over 600 types of Cars

Available for over 600 types of vehicle

- Available for over 600 types of car
- Mud, rubbish, and liquids stay in the box
- Perfect custom fit, extremely high rim
- Flexible durable material
- Additional strengthening lip for Estate cars
- Keeps the value of your expensive car

Manufacture Details

Our Car box boot liners are manufactured from Polypropylene Polymers especially designed to give the product flexibility, and durability. They are odourless, safe for food stuffs, oil resistant and fully recyclable. They form a rigid surround resistant to hard impact and will not crack.
Car box boot liners

Full length Car boot liners

Full Length Boot Liner

The carbox full length car boot liner is tailor made to each individual car with the rear seats folded forward of taken out. The carbox is designed to give a full loading protection from the edge of the tailgate, to the back of the front seats. Available for many Estate, MPV and 4x4 cars. Please phone for more information on which options are available for your car.

Anti-Slip Mat

With our high sided Car box Boot Liners we recommend the Carbox Anti Slip Mat. Nothing will slip around the Carbox, everything will keep it's place. The Carbox Anti Slip Mat with a machine fabric edge is lightweight, extremely tear proof and water repellant.

A Carbox is available for most cars including Audi, BMW, Citroen, Jeep, Landrover, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Saab, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Image shows Carbox, with optional Anti Slip Mat and Bumper Flap
Carbox Anti Slip Mat Sales

Car Box Boot Mat Sales

The Carbox Boot Mat

The real alternative to the Original Carbox.

The Carbox Boot Mat is tailor made to the contours of your car boot, to give unobtrusive elegant protection. The rim is a regular 5cm high.

Due to the material the Carbox Boot Mat has Anti Slip quality. Unlike many cheaper universal boot liners the Carbox Boot Mat is hard wearing and odourless. The material is flexible and can be fitted in seconds.

The Carbox Boot Mat is a must for a well kept car, the elegant solution to maintain the value of your car.

The Carbox Vario MPV Car Boot Liner

The Carbox Vario MPV Multi Passenger Vehcile Boot Liner is complete, all season protection from the loading edge, to the driver seat. It is possible to use all seat variations whether in or out. The closed rim protects the open area in order to prevent water or grit entering the car.

- Complete protection from loading edge to driver's seat.
- Patented with a circular rim around the opening area.
- With the possibility to use all seat variations of vans and mpv's.
- Designed with a 5cm lip all around.
- Same material as Carbox Boot Mat.
Carbox Vario Multi Passenger Vehicle Boot Liner

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